A series of visual experiments.

Loosely based off a model of planetary motion, generative shapes and shaders built for experimentation and play. This is a work in progress toward a VJing platform to use in live performance. Imagery can be controlled via in-page sliders and MIDI inputs and can also transition to other scenes. ThreeJS and GLSL.

Live music visualization using randomly generated shapes and shaders. Written in ThreeJS and GLSL, music by Bjorn.

Seeing how much texture and vibrancy I can add with simple shapes and colors. Written with a fragment shader using signed distance functions and blending cosine color gradients.

A wormhole feedback effect with interactive mouse movements and canvas manipulation. Written in p5.js.

A soothing color tunnel, written in pure HTML canvas.

A quick experiment to explore perspective cameras. Click and drag to move the angle of the camera.

by Paras Sanghavi | github | email